April 16, 2017

Set Up a Blue Ocean Pipeline with Github

We'll setup Blue Ocean and create a new Pipeline with our Shipping Docker repository.

We'll create a pipeline using Github Organizations, which will attempt to pull in any repository within an Organization and run jobs against any repository with a Jenkinsfile present.

  1. Install Blue Ocean Plugin
  2. Create new Github Pipeline within Blue Ocean
  3. Add a Personal Access Token after creating one in Github
  4. Choose which user or organization to scan
  5. Choose to scan repositories for any with a Jenkinsfile (vs adding a single repository)
  6. It will setup a pipeline for any project with a Jenkinsfile in the root level

Note the permissions given to the personal access token in the video:

  • repo (All)
  • admin:repo_hook(All)
  • admin:org_hook
  • user (All, altho only user:email is required)

If you're interested in learning more about Docker and how I use Jenkins with a Docker workflow, check out the ? Shipping Docker series!

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