Up and Running with MySQL

See how to install and configure MySQL, including remote access, and accessing from your web application.

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Episode 1

Learn how to install MySQL 5.5 or 5.6. We'll cover install MySQL non-interactively (no prompts), useful for scripting installs. This will show the use of debconf-set-selections and debconf-get-selections to configure MySQL setting that might normally be prompted for during installation.

Episode 2

If your MySQL server is behind a firewall or not listening on remote networks, we can still securely connect to it from a local computer!

Here we learn how to use SSH tunnels to communicate to a remote MySQL instance.

Episode 3

Securely connect your application server to a remote MySQL server! We'll cover firewalls, networking binding and user security within MySQL.

This will explain the parts you need to know about MySQL to connect remotely without sacrificing security.

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