February 20, 2015

Deploying with Rsync

Refine our simple deployment method using rsync instead of scp. We'll also see how to use SSH options with rsync.

Refine our simple deployment method using rsync instead of scp.Our local deploy.sh script is currently using secure copy:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
scp ./* deploy-ex:/var/www/site

Let's update this to use rsync over scp:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
rsync -vzcrSLhp --exclude="deploy.sh" ./ deploy-ex:/var/www/site

# The options:
# v - verbose
# z - compress data
# c - checksum, use checksum to find file differences
# r - recursive
# S - handle sparse files efficiently
# L - follow links to copy actual files
# h - show numbers in human-readable format
# p - keep local file permissions (not necessarily recommended)
# --exclude - Exclude files from being uploaded

We get an error, saying it can't change permissions. We rectify this by removing the -p flag, as the local permissions are different than what we want on the remote server. The user "deployer" happens to not have permissions to change the target directory permissions.

We make a change to index.html locally to ensure it gets uploaded and re-run the bash script:

bash deploy.sh

See that only changed files are uploaded.

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