May 02, 2017

Configuring SSH Locally

We'll see how to configure your local SSH configuration to make logging into your servers easier.

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We can make logging in over SSH much easier for ourselves. Here we're going to edit a config file on our local machines.

Let's make our lives a little easier by using our local workstation's ~/.ssh/config file:

  1. On Mac, tell it to use the keychain so we don't have to remember passwords (Unless used in automation, you should set long, annoying passwords on your SSH keys!)
  2. Setup a hostname to use as a shortcut to log into our server
Host *
    UseKeychain yes

Host sfhstart
    HostName <server-ip-address-or-hostname-here>
    User fideloper
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_sfh_start
    IdentitiesOnly yes

Then we can simply login like this:

ssh sfhstart


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