Scaling on Forge

Scaling your Laravel applications on Forge.

See how to use Forge to scale your Laravel application, using server optimzations, load balancing, and more.

1. Intro

I introduce the course and talk about what we'll cover.

2. Creating Servers

What servers to create and how to load balance our application.

3. Access & GitHub

How to connect to your servers and your application from GitHub.

4. Application Setup

Install an application, set the env, and get servers communicating.

5. Networking

Setup servers to communicate with each other securely.

6. Final App Touches

Load balancer config, configuring Trusted Proxies, and detail work.

7. Forge Recipes

We cover the various recipes I use on Forge to optimize our servers.

8. Queue Workers

We setup an application server to run as a queue worker.

9. CRON Server

We see how to properly setup CRON tasks in a distributed environment.

10. CRON & Laravel 5.6

Laravel 5.6's new feature: Single Server Scheduling.

11. Finishing Up

See what else you can learn about in the complete Scaling Laravel course!

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