Server optimization,
horizontal scaling,
and Laravel.

A video course to help programmers
scale their applications.

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What We'll Cover

This course will help you learn how to
prepare your Laravel application
and setup your servers
for higher availability and higher traffic.

Laravel Optimization

Quick performance tips to integrate into your application.

We'll cover:

  • Laravel built-in caching tools
  • Writing efficient queries
  • Indexing MySQL tables
  • Integrating seemless object caching
  • Use Laravel Echo + Pusher + VueJS for real-time updates
  • Advanced Queue Usage

Server Optimization

More infrastructure requires automation to keep servers humming along, and easy to recreate.

We'll cover:

  • Network optimization
  • PHP-FPM process management
  • Using Opcache & configuring PHP
  • Tuning MySQL
  • Nginx Configuration & HTTP cache headers

Horizontal Scaling

See how to setup Load Balancing and all that it entails!

We'll cover:

  • Implications of load balancing
  • Moving components to their own servers (database, cache)
  • Using HAProxy for load balancing
  • Automated LetsEncrypt for SSL
  • Network security
  • Handling static assets and user uploads/downloads
  • Scaling on Laravel Forge

Want to go deeper on Scaling Laravel?

where you'll learn about efficient Eloquent, MySQL indexing,
server network optimization, HAProxy, advanced queue usage,
VueJS + Pusher, get more free videos, and get deals on launch day!

Course scheduled to launch in late January
or early February of 2018.


the true grumpy programmer, don't be fooled by imitation

I'm Chris Fidao. You might know me from Servers for Hackers, where I write and record videos about server management, for programmers.

I also have a bunch of other projects you might be interested in:

  • Shipping Docker - A video series about using Docker in development, testing/CI, and in production.
  • Servers for Hackers eBook - A book that goes in-depth on what you need to know about your web servers.
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What is this?

Scaling Laravel is a video course about setting up your Laravel application to scale, and building a server infrastructure that will scale with your application's needs.

Is it released yet?


When will it be released?

It's scheduled for late January, early February of 2018.

Will it be free?

Nope, but it will be affordable!

What shell theme am I using in the videos?

I'm using the zsh shell, via oh-my-zsh. The theme is "agnoster". You'll need the Powerline font - details here.