Performant Laravel

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There are some super common reasons your Laravel app might be slow.

This course shows you how to avoid speed issues with simple changes you can implement immediately.

Built-in Tools

We cover some built-in caches that Laravel provides (and how they work) to help speed things up in production.

Querying the Database

How you query the database is especially important. We cover avoiding the n+1 problem and how to handle queries that return lots of data.

Database Indexing

Adding indexes to your database is one of the most effective performance tools you can use. See how to create them here.

Object Caching

Using a object cache such as redis can help us avoid making expensive database queries on every page request. See how I implement caching in-code!

The Videos

The Route Cache

Use the route cache to skip route compilation on each request.


The Config Cache

Use the config cache to reduce configuration parsing & see its caveats.


Eager Loading

Use eager loading and avoid the dreaded n+1 query problem.


Chunking By Id

See how chunking by ID is much faster on large data sets.


MySQL Indexing I

We cover the sample application and the queries it makes.


MySQL Indexing II

We cover what a database index is & show creating a basic index.