Your Application

A free Docker workflow for your application
to make development a breeze.

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Docker can be a pain to use, but this course makes it simple!

You'll learn how to setup your application for easier development, testing, and CI.


A quick introduction on what we'll cover in this course.

Project Images

We'll build the Docker images we need to run our application.

Seemless Workflow

We work to create a workflow that makes developing (for you and co-workers!) in a Docker environment a breeze.

Docker in Dev and CI

Detail work! We make use of Docker's ability to extend docker-compose files, work on making this work in CI and make testing faster.

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The Videos

What We'll Cover

We review what we'll cover in this portion of the Shipping Docker course.


The Workflowâ„¢

We finish our helper script and make it running our application in Docker completely pain-free.


Extending Docker Compose

We use the `docker-compose` ability to `extend` other compose files to each environment.


Review Time!

We review what we did to setup our application for development and continuous integration with Docker.